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Nestled in the quiet woods of south Arkansas, Psalms Camp provides an extraordinary opportunity to be still and know that Jesus is God. Situated by a peaceful lake are log cabins and the beautiful chapel that serves as the main worship and study area. Each morning, guests will enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, grits, bacon, homemade biscuits, coffee and juice before taking a leisurely stroll to the camp chapel for early morning services, begining with a fun "wake up" session with hilarious comedy and great music, and ending with a powerful message of the Gospel. The carpeted floors and padded pews, accented by lovely stained glass windows, offer a perfect setting for worship.


​Later you may wish to visit the Snack Shack for a cold drink, candy, popcorn or chips.


​There's nostalgia as you stroll down the Nature Trail.  Meandering beneath towering pines, lush cedar, wild cherry, dogwood and other flowering plants, these foot paths end on a quiet wind swept hill. ​A special hush comes, with the trickle of gentle flowing water from the fountain in "Beulah Land".  Perhaps you might wish to spend a few moments alone with God in the Gethsemane Prayer Cottage.


​Afternoons are full of fellowship, pool fun, rifle range, basketball, volleyball, paddle boating, and occasional exciting contests and games that are wholesome, clean and build lasting memories.


​As evening closes in, worship services are held once more in the Chapel where messages are presented that will challenge each heart to answer the call of God. Some of the finest preaching around goes on at Psalms Camp!


               "Psalms Camp has a
        laid back atmosphere and is                surrounded by friendly people. You        can also feel the presence of God          during the chapel services. The            food is excellent and the activities                           are awesome!"                                                                 - Sarah

"Psalms Camp has always been a breath of fresh air for me. A place I knew I could encounter God in the most genuine way. It's one of my favorite places on earth!"

                                                         - Tessa

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