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Psalms Camp is located in the piney woods of Kingsland, Arkansas. Giving it a natural

and peaceful setting, the grounds are quietly nestled far from the busy traffic and

noise of the city. Little Rock is a 70 minute drive away, and our closest airport is

Clinton National - about an hour and a half away from the Camp grounds.




CABINS: The Psalms Camp cabins are two story, log buildings with wooden,

three-bunk-high bunk beds. Each attendee must provide their own sleeping

essentials (sleeping bag, linens, pillow, etc.) as well as their own towels and washcloths. 

CHAPEL: The chapel is a beautiful place of worship, with stained glass windows,

carpeted floors, and padded pews. From its porch, you get a perfect view of the lake and the camp grounds. It is the pride of Psalms Camp. 


CAFETERIA: The C.P. & Rachel's Galley cafeteria serves the best food around! Long tables and an open atmosphere provide the best setting for fellowship and conversation during meals.


GIFT SHOP: The gift shop is located at the entrance to the camp where you can purchase selected, forgotten neccesities as well as T-shirts, paintings, and CD's.



Most of our youth retreats are in the summer months. Weather in June is hot and humid with temperatures typically in the 90's during the day. Rain is possible, so pack an umbrella or raincoat. Bring a light jacket or sweater for the cool mornings.


Psalms Camp adheres to the standard of the Bible concerning dress. This includes the following:


  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be knee-length

  • No halter tops or spaghetti strap shirts of any kind, or tops leaving a bare midriff or exposed shoulders. No deep cut tank tops. Cleavage should be covered.

  • Clothing with symbols or lettering that is offensive to the Word of God is not permitted. This includes Rock & Roll groups, crude or foul language and obscene gestures.


For a complete outline of acceptable apparel and more Camp rules, please view the Camp Rules and Regulations here.

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